To run properly supervised, regular exercise classes for people with heart related conditions.

To maintain contact with people with similar problems and their relatives and carers and offer mutual support.

To maintain contact with health professionals and keep abreast of current best practice.

To interact with other heart related organisations, support groups and keep in contact with other compatible voluntary groups.

To provide a lively social atmosphere and activity to assist members to regain a normal lifestyle.

Roger Cann

Hardwick CCG
Patient Representative

John Platts

Social Events Support

John Bowen


Norman Wall

Vice Chairman

Michael Loughton


Mary Wardle

Social Secretary
and Almoner

Dorothy Edwards

Money Board

Peter McDonald


Phil Round

Who we are

Dicky Tickers is Not-for-Profit organisation run by volunteers.
The club has approximately 120 members, has a written constitution and is governed by the following committee:-

Our aims and objectives

To improve your quality of life through regular exercise, walks, social events, information, advice and training...

...in as enjoyable a way as possible

Karen Bell

Almoner Support

John Leverton

Membership Support

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